The Different Types Of Brochure Available

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It is all well and good knowing that your business needs a new brochure designed, but have you thought about what you want it to be like? Having a brochure printed and designed by the right company should be a simple enough process, but you still need to think about what you need from a brochure.


The size of your brochure will depend on a number of factors although how much information you want to include in the print and the budget you have available for this will have a big bearing on your decision. If you sit down with a brochure printing company they can usually go through a range of options with you to make sure that you find the perfect compromise between all of this. Think about the size you want the brochure to be from a design/cosmetic point of view too!


Folds and Pages

You should also think about how many pages you want your brochure to be, although this again will depend on how much information you have and want to include in the print. You can go for a one page leaflet, a one page leaflet that is folded to be much smaller (usually something like an A4 or A3 size of paper will work for this) or a leaflet that is a number of pages long.

Types of brochure you should consider include – postcard size, 2 fold brochure, 3 panel brochure, flat sheet and much more.

Don’t worry if all of this sounds confusing because a brochure printing company will be used to dealing with people who need a range of solutions to suit them. Speak to the printing company about your needs and what they can offer you. That way you can be sure that whatever you are looking for there will be something to suit you, your needs and your budget.

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