Has The Internet Replaced Traditional Print?

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There can be no denying that we live in a digital world. The internet is everywhere we turn and we can access it more or less anywhere we go. Of course advertising and promotion online is pretty essential but does that mean it is the only method we should use? Simply put – no!


Networking in The Real World

Although the internet is a fantastic way to communicate it doesn’t really beat real life conversations and meeting people face to face. Networking should be a massive part of your plans when it comes to business growth – after all, we all know that it’s who you know and not what you know!

If you meet someone at a business seminar, networking event or just about anywhere that someone is interested in your business it is easy enough to say ‘tweet me!’ but will they actually do it? In this scenario nothing beats being able to hand them your business card with your contact details on. The chances are they will have spoken to many people that day and they might forget you and your contact details (no offence) but with your business card tucked safely away in their wallet there really are no excuses!

Not Everyone is Online

Of course you also have the fact that not everyone has regular internet access. It is easy to assume that we all have smart phones and constant broadband access at home but that is not the case at all. By flyering your local area, having leaflets printed or even posters put up you are reaching everyone – even those you would usually miss by just having an internet campaign!  It is the best foundation for your business to have a good blend of online and traditonal advertising.  A great example of this is the latest campaign we have put together for the Dyson Airblade range sold through Globus Homes.  They have a massive online presence and have marketed this range amazingly through social media, there own website and e-mail marketing.  They have also embraced the traditional marketing through and have seen great sales come through simple leaflet campaigns and print ads.

Of course the internet should not be overlooked either but there is nothing to suggest that traditional print is not needed or that it is going to disappear anytime soon!

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