Things To Avoid When Designing A Brochure

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If you are spending time, effort and money creating a brochure then it stands to reason that you are going to want everything to be as perfect as possible. Whatever type of brochure you are putting together it is a way to showcase your company and therefore you want to make sure that it gives out the right impression. Of course the design and content of your brochure is important, but what mistakes do people often make?

Brochure designSimple Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Part of putting the right impression out there is creating a professional impression of you and your company. This means that you should check and double check the brochure before it goes into print – you do not want any spelling or grammar mistakes to be included in your brochure. If you do have any mistakes in the printing then you can be sure that your potential customers will spot this and they might use it as a reason not to order from you.

Making Your Brochure Too Complicated

Your brochure is supposed to be just a snapshot of your business and the products/services that you offer. You need to make sure that whilst the brochure showcases the best parts of your business it isn’t too extensive and/or complicated. Most of the time people just want to flick through this in order to find what they are looking for, so you need to keep it as much to the point as possible.

Not Including All Of Your Details

The whole point of your brochure is to encourage people to buy from you. If they can’t easily find your business contact details, how to get in touch with you or how to order from you then the likelihood is that they will look elsewhere for a different company. Be sure to include all of your company contact details in the brochure in a place that can be easily found and referred back to when needed.

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